The company believes in six
principle parameters which are the
strength of the company.

Excellent product quality

We believe to server good quality product based on your requirement which can give you a better result. We no need explanation, you just need to try to use our service and you will get to know that how and when we give you a better result of your products as you want.

On time delivery

Every company can offer a quick turn around, but not every company delivers it. We pride ourself on providing timely delivery of the finished product as per your requirements, using a proven process & technology that allows for a quick turn-around from quote to delivery.

Competitive pricing

Cost of the product & quality of work is matter in all types of work. We give you minimum costs and increases value for your product from less expensive tooling and set-up. Even our manufacturing processes are designed to produce short and long run sand castings economically.

Prompt response

We believe that our client and service is the most valuable part of our company and to give them prior we are giving on the stop prompt response so we can easily get interact with their query and give the best result of there requirments

Strong engineering capabilities

New Era Technology's management committee and team always up-to-date with the latest and current technology. The way we are working is to give the best result of their required finished product. And for that, we are giving focus and stay tune with our work.

Customer satisfaction

We believe to give the best result and outcomes of our valuable clients. So they can get finished product as per their timeline. New Era Technology always gives the best customer satisfaction.